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Membership Criteria

(See Bylaws, page 1, ARTICLE III – MEMBERSHIP)

Membership in the Chapter shall consist of individual persons working in or with hospitals or other healthcare facilities who are actively involved in risk management functions of that organization, or whose professional activities substantially involve healthcare risk management.

There are 4 membership categories: ACTIVE; ASSOCIATE, STUDENT, & RETIRED. The qualifications for membership are as stated below:

  • ASSOCIATE Membership: A person who provides risk management services to a hospital or healthcare facility who is not an employee of a hospital or healthcare facility, including but not limited to, a private consultant, an insurance representative, and a defense attorney not associated with a law firm which represents plaintiffs in medical malpractice matters.

  • ACTIVE Membership: [Facility based Risk Manager] A person who is involved in or responsible for risk management functions within a hospital or other healthcare facility.

  • STUDENT Membership: A person who is an actively enrolled student and is not eligible under any other category of membership.

  • RETIRED Membership: Past member of NC ASHRM, but no longer eligible based on Active or Associate Membership qualifications. RETIRED Membership status is excluded from Board of Directors service and carries no voting privileges.

Dues (Note: No more PayPal fees!):

Associate - $125

Active - $80 [Facility based Risk Manager]

Student - $25

Retired - $25


Membership dues are granted on an annual basis, and will be
invoiced at the beginning of each calendar year. Dues are not pro-rated.


Membership Dues

Two Quick and Easy Payment Options

Pay with a Credit Card
(with no fee)

  1. Click the Join/Renew button below to pay using your credit card.
  2. Complete our membership information form.
  3. You are taken to the Paypal site to enter your credit card information.

Pay with a Check

  1. Print out and complete all fields.
  2. Mail to the address below with your payment (listed above).

PO Box 72248
Durham, NC 27722-2248

(Made checks payable to:


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